Thursday, April 15, 2010


So...i haven't had much time to post here and i do have tons of pictures that i keep promising to upload-one day-hopefully soon that will actually happen.

I had to take a few minutes to blog about my morning. I got up extra early in order to make certain that I had enough time for
a)both of my boys to procrastinate
b)Jackson to take extra potty breaks
c) Jackson to have time to fall down and dust off; and
d) so I would not have to speed on the way to the sitters

This worked out really well, we were ahead of schedule and getting ready to load up when I realize my keys are MIA--no where to be found. I looked in all of Jackson's usual hiding places, dumped my purse and both bags out, finally found them in the kitchen drawer-WOW!!

During my frantic run around the house searching for the keys Jackson decides it is the perfect time to rearrange the living room-he pushes the couch back up against the wall revealing all sorts of hidden treasures, one of which is an orange crayon which Cooper falls madly in love with, needless to say the child's face and hands are ORANGE. I pry the frickin crayon out of Cooper's hands, scoop him up and throw him on my hip as I continue running through the house calling for the keys, I find the keys & turn to tell Jackson to load up and see him slam the giant plastic bouncy ball into the floor and watch it as it collides with the the glass globe in the dinning room!! YES IT SHATTERED INTO A MILLION PIECES. REALLY?? somehow we all manage to survive with all of our eyes intact and no one bleeding and out the door we run. Jackson, as always, wasn't paying attention and fell face first on the way to the truck-he's fine!! We all made it to where we were suppose to be ON TIME!! How?? I do not know but it all worked out and Travis cleaned up the mess from the broken globe!!!