Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's been a while!!

Well clearly a lot has happened since my last post!! Most importantly baby no. 3 made her arrival August, 2011!! Hadli Chase has brought lots of pink and frills into our boy filled world!! Along with Hadli came my new role as stay at home mommy!! Yikes, she will b two in a little more than a month and I still haven't mastered this role yet! It is much more challenging than employment law, mass torts & any trial I ever prepared for!! Rewarding but difficult!! When we found out we were expecting number 3 lots of "large family" friends tried to reassure us by saying adding number 3 to the mix will b no more difficult than going from 1 baby to 2!! Well let me just tell you these people are liars!! We love them but they LIED! Three children ranging in age from newborn to 4 yrs old is absolute insanity inducing chaos! Do not let anyone tell you different!! We are blessed to have three beautiful healthy bright children but we are crazy!! Crazy tired, crazy stressed, crazy overwhelmed but crazy in love with all of our crazy blessings!!