Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I am thankful for!!

1. My Lord and Savior and his presence in my life.

2. My wonderful husband/best friend and all he does and puts up with for me and the boys

3. Jackson –my wild sweet boy who will either teach me to be patient or put me in the state hospital

4. Cooper –my tenderhearted little monster who had to toughen up quick in order to survive the last 18 months with his big brother

5. My parents and brother and all they have taught me and all the help they have given with my crazy kids

6. My in-laws and all their support and encouragement

7. My grandparents and their kindness and patience with my children-AND granny cookies of course.

8. My extended family and all the crazy memories and stories we have;

9. My friends who I don’t get to see or spend as much time with as I would like but they are always there when I need them.;

10. My job and their patience with my having to be out with my sickly children;

11. My co-workers for taking up the slack when I have to be out;

12. My babysitters for not killing my children;

13. AND again for my wonderful husband for taking over in the mornings so I can go work out;

14. Freedom-to read the bible, to go to church, to write this blog, vote, etc., etc., etc.;

15. Electricity (a/c & heat)

16. Coffee-oh how I love it;

17. My Camera and all the wonderful memories I have been able to capture (hush it I know I haven’t uploaded them but promise that I will);

18. OxyClean;

19. Washable Crayons/Markers;

20. Goldfish/Smiles/Cheetos -aka bribes for a few minutes of silence;

21. DVR –especially the pause button;

22. Bedtime;

23. Music-all kinds-it’s good for the soul;

24. disposable diapers/pull ups;

25. Bathrooms (most bathrooms) more specifically indoor plumbing; AND toilet paper

26. The Bradford Pear in front of the Sones' house;

27. AGAIN, my husband for understanding that sometimes I need to go to bed before the kids

28. Frozen lasagna or really all frozen food-so convenient when momma is tired!!

29. Dr. Pepper (I miss this but know that if I must have one I can easily go purchase one)

30. Pay at the Pump

31. Yoga pants

32. 0 point foods

33. Big fat warm boot socks;

34. Birth Control

35. Flip Flops

36. Extra Dessert Delights (Key lime Pie and Strawberry Shortcake) YUM!!

37. Beth Moore-books, videos, bible studies, devotional-all things Beth; hope to see her live one day!!

38. Razors (and my husband’s ability to use one despite the fact that he hasn’t in weeks) what is that about-not so thankful for the full beard he now has but…what do you do?

39. Cell phones-my sitter and husband can reach me at anytime (as we as everyone else)

40. The Future-Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My house is a wreck and filled with chaos if you were to listen in you would hear lots of, screaming, crying, chasing, stomping, threatening, random things flying through the air and crashing against the floor/wall/someone but mixed in there is also lots of laughter and love. Every day is crazy no matter how much time I spend organizing and preparing nothing goes as it should (or how I want.)

Yes, selfishly I would love for things to run smoothly but if this were to happen that would mean that everyone, including myself, would have to wake up in a good mood every day. Really?? I can’t do it how can I ask that of my husband and children? Travis works 6 days a week ten hours a day, most weeks, I can’t expect him to always come home in a good mood ready to take on our two wild boys and keep our house spotless when I can’t do it and I only work 5 days a week 8 hours a day(on a good week.) I’m sure if you were to ask Jackson he rarely gets what he wants (candy for breakfast, play in the snow in September, mommy stay home all day every day, play in the street, drive a fire truck) same goes for Cooper who would be a happy camper all day every day if he were allowed to walk around sucking on a tube of toothpaste. I also have to consider everyone that the four of us come in contact with through out the day and the moods and bad attitudes that come with that.

I am realizing that I am not only placing unrealistic expectations on myself, my husband and my children but also on every random person we come in contact with.

SO, my house will remain a hot mess, my kids will continue to run wild and scream and my husband is forgiven for occasionally being moody after working approximately 60 hours a week. I will not complain I will do my best not to complain because I’m blessed that my husband is willing and capable of working so hard for us, my children have voices so that they can scream, legs to run, feet to stomp, arms to flail and hands to throw. I am grateful that this beautiful chaos is MINE.
Blessed are you when you are at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and His rule. (Matthew 5:3-The Message)
For God Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down or relax My hold on you! (Hebrews 13:5-Amplified Bible)

Well let’s see if I can remember!! Jackson started preschool and I started back to work full time. Two weeks in I get a call from the school to come check on Jackson. It was obvious a trip to the clinic was necessary. Jackson was having a full blown asthma attack. No we’ve never been diagnosed with asthma. So we spend the next three days in the hospital and the next two weeks jacked up on albuterol treatments every four hours. Our scratch test is scheduled for the end of November. THAT should be an interesting day. Pre-school is a no go this semester hopefully we will be back in January and I may never work a full forty hour week until my children are grown.

Cooper never stops talking-we can’t understand most of what he is saying but it doesn’t stop him. Jackson is incredibly jealous of Cooper and tries to kill him every chance he gets. Cooper is just as mean and provokes Jackson as often as he can. I need a referee. They are very entertaining until someone gets hurt.


Well I’ve obviously blocked this month out entirely the only thing I remember is Travis turned 37!!

24 hours later—Seriously, I am still stumped!! I feel certain that it is best I can’t remember. Self preservation sometimes requires suppression.

So September is not completely blank I will tell you that Jackson has decided in the past few months to give up on sleep!! He used to go to bed by 8:00 and sleep until 5:30 or 6 but that’s over. He’s now up until ten or later most nights and up and down all through out the night, not sure what is up with this but it is very frustrating especially since I get up at 4:45!! Cooper is my sleeper. He is still sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night and napping a couple of hours during the day.


Jackson is wild and moody like a girl and has a temper like you wouldn’t think possible for a little person but there are several times through out each day that he can be the sweetest thing. He pulls chairs out and makes room at the table for his Sunday school friends and tells me at least 7500 times a day that he loves me and at least once a day every day he says “hey, I love you to pieces and put you back together.” AWESOME!! And he never means to do anything and he’s always sorry, especially once he sees the spanking spoon.

Travis and I enjoyed a weekend without the boys, Travis worked Saturday and I cleaned-what does that say about us?? That Saturday afternoon we went to Southern Miss Homecoming!! We haven’t been to a Southern game together in 13 years. We had a blast and weren’t real sure what to do with ourselves without the kids but we did have fun and realized just how old we really are. Not getting home until 1:00 a.m. is for the birds.

Last week was very eventful. Monday afternoon I get a frantic call from the sitter I can barely understand her for all the screaming and panic. I did make out fell and 911. I told her I was on my way and rushed home that two miles of course took FOREVER. I get home to Jackson outside face and shirt covered in blood. It looked like something from a horror movie. Once I got him calmed down and cleaned up he told me a tree fell on his head come to find out the wind had blown a pecan out of the tree and the pointed end caught him right on top of the head. ONLY AT MY HOUSE. Cooper and Jackson fight like we are hosting an event for UFC. Understand they haven’t fully mastered fighting like a man so there is still a lot of hair pulling, scratching and biting along with the head butting and below the belt kicks. Again, I need a referee!!

Madi’s birthday party was this past weekend at Wiggles and Giggles, The boys had a ton of fun until it was time to move from the play room to the party room. Sheriff Rushing was at the party and I almost had to ask him to intervene a few times, Cooper had a meltdown and screamed for at least 20 minutes so we left early and missed out on the cake and presents and I didn’t get to visit like I wanted to but the boys had fun playing and terrorizing me. We are terrible at trick or treating. We only made it to 5 houses in 4 hours and no one left their costumes on for more than 10 minutes at a time so each stop required us redressing everyone before knocking on the door and each stop took at least thirty minutes but we did enjoy visiting with everyone.

Uncle Bill caught some blue crabs and Jackson was fascinated and a bit afraid. If anyone came near he would shout NO, THEY WILL BITE YOUR WINGER (FINGER)! Cooper was not afraid and attempted several times to get inside the giant Styrofoam cooler with the crabs but he managed to keep all of his wingers!!

I have tons of new pictures but no time to upload them all so maybe that’s what I do next year when we get a weekend with no kids!!

Oh AND Travis tore something in his left knee last week and will have to see Dr. Weatherly next week to determine if it will require surgery.