Friday, July 30, 2010

Once again it’s been a while. Working part time is WAY harder for me than full time it is almost impossible to find time for anything b/c our schedule is so out of wack and each day is different but we’re making it.

Cooper’s doctor has given us the go ahead to start Jackson back at Easthaven so he will start Pre-School next week. He’s pretty excited. As long as Cooper does well with being exposed to everything Jackson brings home he should be able to start in January. YAY!! I won’t know what to do with both kids in one place. I might get to sleep as late as 5:30!!


Last Sunday I made the mistake of giving Jackson change for his offering. We discussed putting it in his pocket and leaving it there-that should have been the end of it right-HA!! So about fifteen minutes later I hear Travis freaking out and Jackson has the change in his mouth and has now swallowed it. So we made a few calls and asked some nurse friends of ours what to do and they assured us all should be fine but take him in ASAP if he starts complaining or throwing up. WELL OF COURSE first thing Monday morning he’s finding me in the kitchen crying about his tummy hurting so I rush around and get him ready and head to the ER for x-rays and dirty looks. Trav only saw him put two coins in his mouth and took the rest away from him. I didn’t think to count what he had taken from him so when they x-ray Jackson’s belly they find four coins stacked perfectly one on top of the other. Seriously, as we’re waiting I am expecting social services to come in the door at any second. Swallowing coins is pretty common and usually not cause for alarm but when you have four coins stacked that can be a problem if they pass that way so they admitted us to the hospital for observation-OH THE JOY!! Being trapped in a confined space with a three year old is miserable for all involved. He found the call button for the nurses with in minutes of being admitted so every 4 ½ seconds they were being buzzed. So after 4,765 calls the nurses are wishing we weren’t there and I am certain they were already thinking we were crazy and this only confirmed it. After numerous x-rays this week the coins are still in his tummy but are no longer stacked so now we just wait and hopefully next week when we go back for x-rays we will be all clear.

Never a dull moment!!