Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I am thankful for!!

1. My Lord and Savior and his presence in my life.

2. My wonderful husband/best friend and all he does and puts up with for me and the boys

3. Jackson –my wild sweet boy who will either teach me to be patient or put me in the state hospital

4. Cooper –my tenderhearted little monster who had to toughen up quick in order to survive the last 18 months with his big brother

5. My parents and brother and all they have taught me and all the help they have given with my crazy kids

6. My in-laws and all their support and encouragement

7. My grandparents and their kindness and patience with my children-AND granny cookies of course.

8. My extended family and all the crazy memories and stories we have;

9. My friends who I don’t get to see or spend as much time with as I would like but they are always there when I need them.;

10. My job and their patience with my having to be out with my sickly children;

11. My co-workers for taking up the slack when I have to be out;

12. My babysitters for not killing my children;

13. AND again for my wonderful husband for taking over in the mornings so I can go work out;

14. Freedom-to read the bible, to go to church, to write this blog, vote, etc., etc., etc.;

15. Electricity (a/c & heat)

16. Coffee-oh how I love it;

17. My Camera and all the wonderful memories I have been able to capture (hush it I know I haven’t uploaded them but promise that I will);

18. OxyClean;

19. Washable Crayons/Markers;

20. Goldfish/Smiles/Cheetos -aka bribes for a few minutes of silence;

21. DVR –especially the pause button;

22. Bedtime;

23. Music-all kinds-it’s good for the soul;

24. disposable diapers/pull ups;

25. Bathrooms (most bathrooms) more specifically indoor plumbing; AND toilet paper

26. The Bradford Pear in front of the Sones' house;

27. AGAIN, my husband for understanding that sometimes I need to go to bed before the kids

28. Frozen lasagna or really all frozen food-so convenient when momma is tired!!

29. Dr. Pepper (I miss this but know that if I must have one I can easily go purchase one)

30. Pay at the Pump

31. Yoga pants

32. 0 point foods

33. Big fat warm boot socks;

34. Birth Control

35. Flip Flops

36. Extra Dessert Delights (Key lime Pie and Strawberry Shortcake) YUM!!

37. Beth Moore-books, videos, bible studies, devotional-all things Beth; hope to see her live one day!!

38. Razors (and my husband’s ability to use one despite the fact that he hasn’t in weeks) what is that about-not so thankful for the full beard he now has but…what do you do?

39. Cell phones-my sitter and husband can reach me at anytime (as we as everyone else)

40. The Future-Jeremiah 29:11

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