Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So once upon a time, long ago and far away I always thought it would be fun and magical to have children especially during the Christmas season; well my boys have knocked this fantasy right out of me and are snickering in the corner because I ever thought it possible. Really don’t we all want the Hallmark Movie Channel Family Christmas??? Well, mine are more like Griswold Family Christmas. I stayed up late Friday night putting the humungous artificial tree up; I went ahead and put the lights on so I could take pictures of the boys “decorating” the tree Saturday morning. The plan was to really decorate once daddy got home from work on Saturday. Why is it that I refuse to accept that I am no longer aloud to make plans?? Any who, so after breakfast we changed into our super cute Christmas outfits that mother made for the boys and began (note: this is the second attempt at Christmas pics-first time was at mothers-NOT GOOD) so after an hour and a half, lots of tears and three broken ornaments later I gave up. Here are a few of the good takes.

I think once we get closer to Christmas and all the festivities begin I will feel better about the holidays but right now it is just a lot of unnecessary crazy!! Like I don’t already say no, stop and don’t enough!! Now I have a giant tree in the living room teasing my children and begging for trouble—I hear it calling their names and they can’t resist. The lights have already been pulled out and shoved back in there like I wouldn’t notice and all the ornaments that I felt safe putting on the tree are now just at the top so there is nothing attractive about this tree maybe it knows it’s unattractive and that is why it is taunting the boys??


So Jackson is pretty chatty especially at bed time the other night I was tucking him in and laying with him trying to convince him to shut his eyes and his mouth below is the conversation that took place after we said our prayers:

Jackson-Momma, I love you!
ME-I love you too Jackson!
Jackson-I love daddy!
Me-I love daddy too!
Jackson-No you don’t! You can’t or you would have a map to the ocean!
Pause for laughter
Me-Do you have a map to the ocean??
Jackson-I do, there are sheshells, wish(fish), whales and sharks. I don’t like sharks.
Me-I don’t like sharks either!
Jackson-Me eiter!
Jackson-You my favorite Kristy!!
Me-You are my favorite Jackson!
Last night I asked Jackson who pulled on the Christmas lights and he said Cooper (Cooper was asleep and had been asleep for at least an hour) so I then asked Jackson if he was telling me a story (lying) and he proceeded to tell me the story of the Goldilocks and the three bears???


Don’t be confused-I am in no way trying to imply that Jesus is in any way similar to the others listed above. Understand this is all coming from the mind of a 3 year old. We tell him Santa is watching so you better behave, we must be sweet to our little brother because it makes Jesus sad when we are ugly to others. Now Jackson is asking about the Elf on the Shelf. He saw one at Aba’s (Ava’s) the other night and he has asked a few times about it so I was explaining that “Fred” Aba’s Elf hides and watches and reports to Santa. Well this just baffles him and he wants to know why, where is he hiding, where is Santa and why can’t he see him and is Jesus hiding too?? Then the next questions are how will Santa get in the door? it is locked? and the gate is up? etc. etc. So each night at bedtime his little mind is in over drive trying to come up with good questions to keep him from having to go to bed so after what seemed like hours of questions the other night I finally tell him “enough, go to sleep I am not going to sit in here anymore if you keep on talking“--his response to that is “please momma don’t leave me in here alone with Jesus.” Of everyone hiding and watching why has he decided Jesus is the most frightening?? Seriously, a strange little man with crazy ears wearing tights is hiding on the shelf and a fat man wearing a red suit is breaking into peoples houses leaving toys and taking cookies and Jesus is who concerns him?? This is something we must work on!!

That’s all for now!!