Wednesday, December 15, 2010


WELL, my Christmas Tree lasted all of four days. I had to take her down last night and box her up (know that I wanted to set her on fire so boxing her up was much kinder.) Four times between 5:15 and 6:00 I had to pick her up off the floor and stand her back up (this is no easy task-she is 5 ft around at the bottom and 8 ft tall.) The first time I believe was an accident (however, they had no business doing whatever it was they were doing) the next three times were intentional. Once they realized they could knock her over they just kept doing it. Since I do not have a Xanax salt lick this move was absolutely necessary!! I do have a 3 foot tabletop tree that I will pull out and somehow hang from the ceiling to keep them from picking her up and throwing her at each other or using her as some sort of weapon. So for now we are treeless and I’m okay with that. Judge me if you like - I do not care!!

AND if one more person tells me “things will get better”, “cherish these days you will miss them one day” or” they aren’t little forever” I may set myself on fire or have myself voluntarily committed.

At least I got the christmas pics taken before I had to box her up!! I have not intentions of pulling her out again until 2015!!

Merry “Treeless” Christmas

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