Friday, January 29, 2010


So we've been working on potty training Jackson since he turned 2. He's done pretty good with "#1" but "#2" has been a bit tricky but he's making improvements. The past couple of weeks he's made it all day at school in the same pull up and the past two days he's pooped in the potty with ZERO accidents-I never would have imagined poop to be this exciting. Prizes have been handed out, phone calls have been made and parties have been thrown. THIS IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT MUST BE SHARED. The past couple of nights he has woken up dry!! PARTY PARTY!! The joy of knowing that soon I will only have one child in "diapers" is fabulous. I really can't take much of the credit for this-the daycare has been wonderful and my husband is pretty much in charge of Jackson in the afternoons until I get home with Cooper and get supper cooked. BUT STILL...FABULOUS! So not only am I excited about not having to change Jackson's poopy pull ups soon I will no longer have to buy the pull ups...BUT...all this means the take over has begun. There are now TWO men in my life who refuse to put the lid down. Never mind the burping and the passing gas and walking around with their hand in their pants that I can over look but the toilet seat being left up or not being put up at all MAKES ME CRAZY!! So in the middle of the night if you hear a scream in the distance don't fear that is just me falling in the toilet!!

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