Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, Travis and I survived the flu two weeks ago and it truly was a nightmare. We had to send the boys away for almost a week while we got over it. So we are just now getting back into our routine.

Our Snow Day made for a really good time. Travis hates the snow so he stayed inside with Coop while Jackson and I played. We had the best time. Pics will be coming soon!!

Bailey and Brighton's Birthday Party was this weekend. Since Coop sees the specialist on Wednesday I didn't want to expose him to anything so he stayed with mom so me and Jackson could party. As always, Dee Dee's cupcakes and cakes were AWESOME!! Jackson had a blast-I could not pry him away from the footballs!!

Mom kept the boys for us Saturday night so Travis and I could go on a date to see a movie!! I had said earlier in the day that I did not care if we saw Wolfman just as long as I got to have popcorn...WELL I changed my mind but tried really hard not to pressure Travis into seeing Valentines Day-okay so that is a lie. I did my best to convince him that it was up to him and that Valentines Day is what he wanted to see. IT WORKED and we both enjoyed the movie!! It was PACKED/SOLD OUT and those of you who know my husband know how he is about crowd but we had a really great time!!

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