Friday, February 26, 2010


We saw the immunologist last week and got our lab results back this week. Cooper's immunology work up looks good, he does have an over agressive immune system. His CBC did concern Dr. Adkins. Cooper's lymphocytes and monocytes were elevated indicating that he has some type of virus. CBC will have to be repeated regularly to keep a check on this. Dr. Adkins suggested pulling Jackson from daycare until Cooper's immune system has matured. I have been expecting & fearing this news. Travis and I have discussed trying to make this work with me working part time. I have found a baby sitter for Jackson and Cooper will continue to stay with my grandmother on the days that I work. Praise the Lord -- I was able to work all this out with my employer and will be able to stay where I am and work part time until we get Cooper well. They have really been awesome through out this entire process. I am truly blessed.

Here are some recent pics of the boys. Cooper had his first Oreo the other day and OF COURSE he is a big fan!!

JACKSON wasn't really sure what to think of this, especially since we aren't real big on letting him make such messes with food and he wasn't as amused as we were so he went on to other things.

and here are few more - you will notice they are both snotty and red eyed. we've pretty much had the crud at my house since early December

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